How to Prepare for Your Tummy Tuck

Aug 14, 2021

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a plastic surgery treatment that improves abdominal contours for both men and women. Plastic surgeons achieve this by removing excess fat and hanging skins of skin that may result from aging, pregnancy, or significant weight loss. Individuals who have tried working out and exercise to enhance the appearance of their abdomen but without success may also benefit from abdominoplasty surgery. If you are planning to have your abdominoplasty in Scottsdale or any other city for that matter, this article offers important tips to help you prepare for this procedure.

Set Your Goals Right

Finding the right tummy tuck surgeon is the first goal towards a successful procedure. But you’ll also need to make sure that your own goals and expectations are aligned with reality. You need to have realistic expectations about what this cosmetic treatment can actually achieve. When you go for a consultation, you may have an idea of the kind of results you would wish to acquire. The surgeon will analyze your goals and your anatomy so that he can determine whether they are in line with what the procedure can actually achieve. In a case where they are not, he may suggest other treatments that will help you reach your goals.

Surround Yourself With Positive Vibes

Positivity is key for a successful tummy tuck procedure. As you plan to have tummy tuck surgery, you should stay away from all negativity. Surround yourself with loved ones who fully support your decision and are willing to stand by you throughout the process. They should be willing to care for you during recovery and assist in everything that you may need.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Food is essential to the body. In preparation for tummy tuck surgery, the body needs to be in perfect shape and state. This means that it should be well equipped with the necessary nutrients and products that will promote a successful surgery. For instance, a person should eat food rich in proteins because they build and repair tissues, muscles, and the skin damaged during surgery. A nutritionist would be of great assistance to give guidance on the best dieting program.

Always Keep Your Surgeon Informed

Your initial abdominoplasty consultation is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and learn as much as possible about this surgery. But you’ll also need to keep your surgeon informed throughout the pre-op stage. Start by sharing your medical records and health status. Medical records show all types of illnesses you have suffered from. It helps the surgeon to understand the patient better and be able to analyze the best way of administering treatment. About the current state, as you prepare to go for tummy tuck surgery, you may experience several changes because of the shifts necessary to promote a successful surgery.

Go for Medical Testing

Medical tests and evaluations help us to understand our bodies better. They make the surgical process easier. For instance, when your medical tests show that your blood lacks enough proteins and nutrients, then you’d have to consume foods rich in protein to upgrade your blood’s status. While preparing for tummy tuck surgery, get tested generally to be able to identify the areas that need improvement for a successful surgery.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is harmful to your health. An individual preparing to undergo tummy tuck surgery should stop smoking at least one month before the due date of surgery, and after surgery. Cigarettes contain nicotine which interferes with the normal healing process. It causes blood clots to block tiny blood vessels from transporting oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the area under treatment. With reduced blood flow, the abdominal tissues can actually die leading to a condition known as necrosis. Likewise, smoking can expose an individual to serious infections that will cause serious complications.

Stop Using Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, and Herbal Supplements

Anti-inflammatory drugs include aspirin, ibuprofen, and diclofenac. Herbal supplements include ginkgo, ginseng, and garlic. While preparing for tummy tuck surgery, the doctor advises patients to stop any usage of such drugs and supplements since they interfere with normal blood clotting which could cause excessive bleeding, leading to serious post-surgical complications.

Stop all Alcohol Consumptions

As you prepare for tummy tuck surgery, your body should be free from alcohol components. This means that you should cut all alcohol consumption at least 2 weeks before surgery. Alcohol and its components can interfere with the anesthesia to be used during surgery and cause serious bleeding complications.

Avoid Rapid Weight Loss

At this time, your body will be under critical observation. When you undergo rapid weight loss, it will make it harder for the surgeon to evaluate and understand the amount of skin and fats to shed. The best approach would be to maintain a stable and healthy weight for as long as you can before your tummy tuck surgery.
Begin Preparations for your Recovery
As early as now, you should plan your recovery. Every individual wishes to have a smooth, safe, and fast recovery, well, this depends on how prepared you are for the recovery period. Recovery needs a person to relax and let go of all kinds of stress. This means that everything should be well planned out to include care for the young ones, your pets, chores around the house, and your spouse. Likewise, several adjustments must be in place such as keeping the lids of containers loosely closed, getting a pick-up tool to prevent too much bending and stretching, and getting a house help to provide assistance when you won’t be able to do the chores.


Whatever your reasons for having abdominoplasty surgery, careful preparation can help ensure a successful procedure outcome. Aside from the instructions that your surgeon will provide during a consultation, follow the tips above to help you adequately prepare.