Quick Guide to Your Standard Tummy Tuck in Arizona

Jun 4, 2022

Many people have adverse aesthetic changes in the lower and upper abdomen due to aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. While dieting and exercising can help improve your overall health, these interventions do not always work to achieve the firmer and flatter abdominal contour that you so desire. A standard tummy tuck – also referred to as a full tummy tuck – is a cosmetic surgery that focuses on recontouring both the lower and upper abdominal areas. This article offers more information on this type of abdominoplasty so you can decide whether it’s the abdominal reshaping option for you.

Who is a candidate for a full tummy tuck?

A standard tummy tuck – also referred to as the traditional tummy tuck – aims to address adverse physical changes in both the lower and upper abdominal areas. Plastic surgeons accomplish this by removing excess skin and fat while also tightening the underlying abdominal muscles. You may be an ideal candidate for this procedure option if:

  • You are physically and emotionally healthy
  • You have excess skin or stubborn fat deposits after losing weight
  • You have a diastasis rectus, which is characterized by separated abdominal muscles and is common in women who have been through multiple pregnancies
  • You have realistic expectations about the outcome of this procedure

Reasons to have a full tummy tuck

Adverse changes in the abdominal area often occur due to the following reasons:

Pregnancy – abdominal muscles will naturally stretch in order to accommodate the growing fetus during pregnancy. This sometimes results in a condition referred to as diastasis rectus, especially in women who have been through multiple pregnancies. The quality of abdominal skin also deteriorates during pregnancy, resulting in visible stretch marks. Standard abdominoplasty is the procedure of choice for women who are looking to reverse some of these changes.

Genetics – genetic inheritance often has a lot to do with our body shape (fat distribution). This is the reason why some people seem to struggle with excess fat and loose skin in the abdomen and other areas of their body. A standard abdominoplasty can help address these issues so you can feel more confident in your own appearance.

Aging – the natural process of aging results in adverse changes throughout the body, including weakening muscles and skin that has lost its elasticity. Over time, this may culminate in stubborn abdominal fat and loose flaps of skin. These changes may be hard to reverse even when you are focused on healthy lifestyle habits. A total abdominoplasty addresses these problems so you can look and feel younger than ever.

Weight loss – while losing weight is normally considered to be a beneficial change, it sometimes results in adverse aesthetic changes such as loose sagging skin and overstretched abdominal muscles. These changes may make you feel self-conscious and sometimes even embarrassed. A standard tummy tuck is an excellent procedure choice to reverse these aesthetic imperfections and restore a slimmer and balanced frame.

Standard tummy tuck procedure

During your standard abdominoplasty procedure in Phoenix, AZ, Dr. Tessler will create a horizontal incision from hip bone to hip bone. The surgeon makes sure to conceal this incision beneath the bikini line so that the resulting scar can be well concealed. Another incision is created around the belly button. Once this is done, the surgeon focuses on removing excess skin and tissue while also suturing together the weakened or separated abdominal muscles. Liposuction may be integrated into the treatment to help get rid of stubborn fat. Once the proper changes have been made, the surgeon will close the cuts and bandage the treatment areas. A special compression garment will be used to wrap the abdominal areas to minimize swelling and shape the results. Patients are monitored in a recovery room before they are allowed to go home after this outpatient procedure.

Recovery after a complete abdominoplasty

Once you are discharged from Dr. Tessler’s outpatient office, you should have someone drive you home and help out with basic chores. The surgeon recommends that you take a light walk as soon as you are able to in order to promote optimal blood flow. It is not uncommon to experience abdominal swelling, tightness, bruising, and discomfort following your full abdominoplasty surgery. The surgeon will prescribe pain medication to alleviate discomfort and antibiotics to prevent an infection. It is important you adhere to the surgeon’s aftercare instructions and take proper care of your treatment areas. Most patients are able to resume routine work within 4 weeks, and exercise within 8 weeks. Dr. Tessler’s office is always available throughout the recovery duration to answer your question and provide any support you may need.

Full tummy tuck consultation

The first step towards your successful full abdominoplasty procedure in Phoenix AZ is to schedule a consultation visit with Dr. Tessler. This one-to-one visit provides an excellent opportunity for the surgeon to answer all your questions and discuss an individualized treatment plan for you.