Scarless Tummy Tuck


Scarless Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a procedure designed to improve the form and function of a patient’s trunk area. The components of the abdomen and trunk that need to be addressed can be deconstructed into muscle (rectus abdominus), fat, and skin.

A traditional tummy tuck will correct these issues through a 40 cm or longer incision designed to be hidden as best as possible in a patient’s bikini or underwear line. Excess skin and fat are removed, and the muscle is tightened as necessary under direct visualization. Often a drain remains for 1-2 weeks after the procedure is completed.

By applying a combination of highly innovative and effective technologies, these components may be treated without the need for this incision at all. Excess fat and skin can be removed in a 360 degree fashion by combining radiofrequency thermal energy, micro-coring technology, advanced vibrational liposuction, exosome technology, Platelet Rich Plasma, and cell- optimized nanofat biocream as needed. This maximizes enhancement of the hourglass form, flattens the abdomen, removes rolls from the back area, and increases projection of the breast and buttock. Muscle diastasis that often exists post-pregnancy or after weight loss can be addressed robotically in the OR with three 1-2 cm practically invisible incisions. Thus, all components of a tummy tuck can be achieved in proper candidates without requiring any significant incisions.


How and where is the Scarless tummy tuck performed? Does it hurt?

Dr Tessler and Dr Turin perform the majority of scarless tummy tucks in the comfort of our clinic, with oral sedation and under local anesthesia. If there is a need to robotically bring the rectus muscle back together, then this is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis (you go home the same day). There’s no need to stay in any facility – you’re able to recover in your own home. Your surgeon will spend the time with you before your procedure to go over the plan, the markings, and answer any last-minute questions. During the procedure itself, your comfort is our greatest priority, and we pride ourselves on being able to reliably provide a very smooth experience. The local anesthesia will make sure that you don’t feel a thing while our surgeons are transforming you and our team will be checking in with you during the whole experience. Patients tell us that it feels that the whole experience is over in a wink of an eye – and you even get to choose the music in the room!

How do I know if I’m a good or poor candidate for the Scarless tummy tuck?

There are several categories of patients that tend to have excellent results with Scarless tummy tuck:

1. Patients that have mild-moderate diastasis or splitting of the rectus muscle
2. Patients that have mild-moderate stretch marks of the abdomen
3. Patients that have moderate excess skin that needs to be tightened and/or removed
4. Patients that have excess adiposity (superficial fat) of their abdomen, love handles, lower back, and bra rolls.

Patients that require greater skin removal may be more optimal candidates for a traditional tummy tuck.

What is the recovery like after Scarless tummy tuck?

Our staff will coach you on every step of the process to make it a very smooth and comfortable experience for you. You will start your recovery in the comfort of your hotel room or home the same day, with a compression garment if liposuction was performed. These garments can be removed and washed as needed. No drains are placed in the abdomen. Patients are encouraged to walk around and have a normal meal that evening. The next morning, patients will be able to take their first shower. Most patients whose work does not require heavy exertion will resume work in 1-2 days.

Rarely are narcotics needed to manage post-operative discomfort. The procedure does not involve surgical dissection or disturbance of tissue and muscle so there is minimal inflammation, soreness, and bleeding. Further there are no major incisions to take care of. Patients usually tell us the recovery is significantly easier than they expected. Patients that undergo rectus diastasis repair in the OR may have more discomfort, but even that is usually limited to 1-2 days at most.

How much does the Scarless Tummy Tuck cost and how can I come in for a consult?

The Scarless tummy tuck starts at $10,000 and depends on how extensive the tummy tuck desired is and whether the robot needs to be used. Cost depends as well on how extensive the desired liposuction is.

Frequently Asked Questions

No Cut Tummy Tuck FAQ


What does the No Cut Tummy Tuck entail?

The No Cut Tummy Tuck includes Lipo 360, BodyTite for skin tightening and Ellacor body for excess skin removal. This can be combined with a robotic muscle plication to correct diasthasis eliminating all scars.


Who is a good candidate for the No Cut Tummy Tuck?

Ideal candidates are those seeking to flatten their abdomen, remove back rolls, and achieve an hourglass figure without the extensive recovery time of a traditional tummy tuck.