This charming Scottsdale café is operated by the owner and chef Giovanni Scorzo. It serves delicious hand-crafted Italian dishes that will certainly whet your appetite.


Scottsdale Office


Andreoli Italian Grocer
8880 E Vía Linda,
Scottsdale, AZ 85258,
(480) 614-1980

Andreoli Italian Grocer

The Andreoli Italian Grocer is a charming Italian grocery and café that serves carpaccio, grilled calamari, and some of the best porchetta outside of Rome. Daily specials feature fish and pasta, rosticianna, homemade specialties, and Florentine-styled T-bone steak. All the pastries and bread here are made in-house, along with hand-made chocolates. Once you get your belly full with all the Italian-inspired delicacies you can take, the dining room serves as a market for groceries that you can order to try your own recipe in your hotel.