For a Higher Fat Grafting Retention Rate

Auraclens is a poloxamer surfactant that stabilizes fat cell membranes and allows “Enhanced Viability Fat Transfer”. In previous studies, this enhanced fat survival at 6 weeks from 33% to 89%.

The significance is enhanced predictability and reliability in fat transfer, especially to the breast and buttock.

Surgeons have struggled for years to get consistent results by rinsing fat with saline – there are still some systems that spin the fat and push it through like a coffee press or knead it like they would knead dough. Sientra’s novel fat transfer system removes the need for surgeons to constantly wash fat to cleanse it and allow fat cells to continue to function for a long time.

AuraClens is a patented wash that uses a lipoaspirate to wash away unwanted fat. It is FDA approved and only available to Sientra. It’s well established that a molecule called P188 significantly improves fat cell survival compared to saline [as much as 300% improved survival at six weeks]. We recently surveyed 100 surgeons and found that 97% thought our product was different than what they are currently using. The results were so encouraging that nearly 80% said they’re likely to try the system. We’re confident that our system will not only be unique, it will also significantly improve the fat retention that surgeons are looking for.

Key Points of Auraclens

  • Rinse vs wash – the Sientra system uses a lipoaspirate concentrating wash called AuraClens, which is a surfactant. Other systems rely on saline or lactated ringers alone to rinse the fat.
  • You’ll see the AuraClens work as we harvest – its surfactant action works to remove impurities; with a normal mesh system you might see fat and oil clog at the edges of the mesh, this helps keep it clear during the procedure
  • This system is supported by published research that shows that a molecule called P188 can significantly improve fat survival compared to saline out to six weeks
  • The system uses a super-absorbent foam pad to remove extra saline and leave highly concentrated fat. When we inject, you’ll see how the AuraClens lubricates the fat and allows for easy injection without a wet fat.
  • Show a syringe of the lipoaspirate vs concentrated fat on a blue towel to show the concentration and how fluid spreads from the original sample and not the concentrated fat