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What are the options currently available to address the wrinkles of folds of the neck, or the sagging/aging neck?

Facial appearance is so important to our social interactions at work, in our personal life, and for our own self-image and self-esteem. As we age, the soft tissues of the neck start to sag and we lose that youthful neck and jawline contour. Importantly – some of us never have a crisp jawline to begin with, even when young and in shape, and have been seeking to improve that appearance for years.
Traditionally, there has been only 1 options available – a full necklift, under general anesthesia, with incisions and a longer recovery.

Even as the necklift techniques have advanced and can now be executed with easier recovery and in outpatient settings, most patients still hesitate to undergo a very invasive procedure. This is especially true for younger patients or patients who have only a small or moderate amount of skin laxity – after all, why use a cannon to kill a fly?

Recently, chin (also known as submental) liposuction has become more popular as a easy and safe treatment for the double chin caused by excess fat under the jawline. However, this does not address the skin excess or tighten up the angle between the jaw and neck.
To address these issues, Dr Tessler invented a new solution that can tighten the skin, get rid of excess fat, and create a sharp and defined jawline – all in the office, under local anesthesia, with no incisions and a 1 day recovery. We call it the Overnight Lift.

How does the Overnight Lift Work?

There are 3 layers to the neck which must be addressed to create an attractive and youthful contour: the muscles of the neck (this is called the platysma muscle), the fat layer between the muscle and skin, and then the skin itself. Using the Overnight lift, Dr Tessler and Dr Turin treat all of these layers with a minimally invasive approach:

The Neck

Layer 1 – the platysma muscle

This is treated with a permanent suture to suspend the muscle like a sling and to divide the bands in the front of the neck. Once the muscle is treated, the more superficial tissue will be able to re-drape and create a sharper neck contour.

Layer 2 – the subcutaneous fat

It is very common to have a fat pad in the center of the neck, just below the chin – this can worsen the “double chin” appearance when looking down and in selfies. We treat this fat pad with a finesse liposuction technique, gently removing just the excess fat and leaving behind a natural contour. Some patients with more overall fullness can also benefit from liposuction more broadly to define the jaw contours.

Layer 3 – the skin

The most visible layer, and often one that is first to show aging with sagging and wrinkles. The skin layer ages differently in all of us and requires customized treatment to obtain the best results. We use one or multiple modalities, including some tried and true treatments like chemical peels to improve texture, to more skin tightening technologies such as Accutite or Morpheus8 which use radiofrequency to tighten the skin, to the latest technologies such as Micro Coring. We tailor this step to each patient and pick the treatments that meet their goals and allowed recovery time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Overnight Lift FAQ


How and where is the Overnight Lift performed? Does it hurt?

Dr Tessler and Dr Turin perform the Overnight Lift in the comfort of our clinic, with oral sedation and under local anesthesia. There’s no need to fast or stay in any facility – you’re able to have a normal meal before the procedure and recover in your own home. Your surgeon will spend the time with you before your procedure to go over the plan, the markings, and answer any last minute questions. During the procedure itself, your comfort is our greatest priority and we pride ourselves on being able to reliably provide a very smooth experience. The local anesthesia will make sure that you don’t feel a thing while our surgeons are transforming you and our team will be checking in with you during the whole experience. Patients tell us that it feels that the whole experience is over in a wink of an eye – and you even get to choose the music in the room!

How do I know if I’m a good or poor candidate for the overnight lift?

There are 2 categories of patients that tend to have excellent results with the Overnight Lift:
-patients experiencing moderate aging of the neck (looser skin, loss of a sharp neck contour, bands in the front of the neck)

  • patients who naturally have a poorly defined neck and jawline due to excess fat pads under the chin and want more definition than just liposuction can provide
  • Patients that have a significant amount of loose skin or wrinkles can still benefit from the Overnight Lift, but Dr Tessler and Dr. Turin will determine if our customized Deep Plane Facelift/Necklift may be the better option to more completely correct the neck.

What is the recovery like after the Overnight Lift?

Our staff will coach you on every step of the process to make it a very smooth and comfortable experience for you. You will start your recovery in the comfort of your hotel room or home the same day, with a head wrap in place and minimal dressings. You will be able to take the wrap and dressings off the next day for your first shower. Thereafter, we only ask that you wear the wrap around the clock for the first week and only at night or while you’re at home for the remainder of the first month. Most patients whose work does not require heavy exertion will resume work in 1-2 days. Patients who have significant platysmal (anterior neck) bands that are divided during the procedure will also need to wear a soft neck collar for the first week only.
Bruising, swelling, and pain are overall minimal and patients usually tell us the recovery is significantly easier than they expected.

How much does the Overnight Lift cost and how can I come in for a consult?

The Overnight Lift procedure starts at $14,750, and is an excellent value for the right candidate where we can achieve much of the of a full necklift with none of the downtime, no incisions, no general anesthesia and a significantly lower cost!