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Many women experience breast ptosis (characterized by sagging and drooping) due to aging, weight loss, pregnancy, or the natural effects of gravity. Breast lift – also referred to as mastopexy – is a cosmetic surgical procedure to improve a drooping breast appearance. Plastic surgeons administer this procedure by tightening skin in the breast area (without removal of breast tissue) in order to achieve a firmer and perkier position. In some cases, the nipple-areola complex will also be repositioned and improved for an overall youthful and attractive breast contour. Many women who receive this procedure enjoy increased levels of self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as an improved quality of life.

Phoenix plastic surgeon Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin perform breast lift to help women meet their aesthetic goals. Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin have helped numerous patients from Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and surrounding AZ cities boost their self-confidence and self-esteem with breast plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin understand that the needs of different women are unique and works to create a highly customized treatment plan to suit the needs of each breast lift patient.

Mastopexy is among the more popular cosmetic surgical procedures. In 2019, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported that more than 109,000 women received this procedure in the US alone. Along with other cosmetic breast procedures, mastopexy has impressively high satisfaction rates of over 96%. The majority of women who underwent this plastic surgery procedure benefited from reduced irritation under the breast, attractive breast shape, improved nipple projection, and a firmer and more youthful breast appearance.

Is this Procedure for me?

Mastopexy is a cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to improve the appearance of sagging and drooping breasts. Plastic surgeons work to achieve a firmer, perkier, and rounder look that will boost your self-image and confidence. You may be a good candidate for mastopexy if:

  • You are in excellent physical and emotional health
  • You are content with your breast size but are concerned about a drooping or sagging appearance
  • You have breasts that are unusually shaped or asymmetrical
  • You have a nipple-areola complex that sits below the breast crease
  • You have nipples that appear to point downwards
  • You comprehend and understand the risks and rewards of this treatment

Dr. Tessler will reserve your first visit at his Phoenix office to understand your needs and goals. The surgeon will listen to your concerns, ask questions, and learn about your medical history before letting you know whether this treatment is for you. Mastopexy is a highly individualized procedure. For this reason, Dr. Tessler emphasizes that each patient ensures they are having this surgery out of their own volition, not because someone else asked them to.


Simultaneous Breast Lift with Augmentation


Patients who have breast ptosis but also wish to increase the size can benefit from a combined breast augmentation with lift. These procedures are performed at the same time so the patient can attain the benefits of both in one session. The surgeon will use artificial implants or fat grafts to improve the size, while also tightening the breast skin to achieve a perkier, rounder, and more attractive shape. This kind of combined procedure requires an experienced surgeon who has an artistic eye so you can get the best possible outcome. During your initial consultation with Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin, the surgeon will listen to you and examine your breasts before discussing the possibility of a simultaneous breast augmentation with lift.


The Breast Lift Procedure


Breast lift is considered to be an outpatient procedure that is performed at Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin’s in-office operating room or accredited medical facilities. Right before the surgery, Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin’s anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia in order to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort. The surgeon will then create an incision in the most appropriate location and pattern. Once this is done, the next step is to remove excess skin and tighten. The surgeon may also rearrange the nipple-areola complex to reposition it higher on the breast hemisphere. In the cases of a combined breast augmentation with lift procedure, breast implants or fat grafts will need to be placed in the breasts. Once the procedure is complete, your surgeon will close the incision sites, and apply bandages on the treatment area. This procedure takes about 2 hours to complete.


Surgical Techniques

Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin have a number of incision techniques that he can use to suit the needs of the patient and the goals of the surgery:

Crescent Lift

With this surgical technique, the surgeon will create a small incision running halfway around the top half of the areola’s edge. This technique may be ideal for women who need to correct very minor sagging. Most surgeons only use this type of breast lift with patients who need a combined breast augmentation with lift.

Peri-Areolar lift

This entails a circular incision that runs around the edge of the areola. Also referred to as a ‘donut lift’, this type of breast lift is recommended for addressing mild sagging and is usually performed in conjunction with breast augmentation. A peri-areolar lift can be very effective in reducing areola size, and the resulting scar is usually hidden along the edge of the areola.

Vertical Lift

This technique is also referred to as the ‘lollipop lift’. The surgeon will create two incisions: one around the areola, and another one running vertically down to the breast fold to create a ‘lollipop’ shape. This type of breast lift is typically used in cases where the surgeon needs to remove excess skin while reshaping the entire breast.

Anchor Lift

Also referred to as the ‘Inverted T’, this breast lift technique is ideal for correcting considerable sagging such as is the case with pendulous breasts. The surgeon will create 3 incisions to remove the excess skin and address the sagging. The first incision runs around the edge of the areola, with the second one running horizontally along the breast crease. A third vertical incision connects the previous two. This technique may also be used when a breast lift needs to be performed along with breast reduction surgery. The resulting scars are more extensive but fade with proper care and time.

Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin are seasoned professionals who is in a unique position to recommend the best surgical technique for your mastopexy. The surgeon will take various factors into consideration such as your skin’s elasticity and extensiveness of the sagging into consideration when making this decision. Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin bring a highly personalized approach to the operating table and will go out of his way in order to make each patient comfortable. He will help you understand what type of scarring you can expect with each technique, as well as the pros and cons of each method before moving ahead with the surgery.


Recovery After Your Breast Lift Surgery

Immediately after the breast lift surgery, you will be observed for a short while before you are allowed to go home for recovery. It is important to have a trusted friend, colleague, or family member handy so they can drive you home after you are discharged. You may be provided with a special compression garment that should be worn at all times as instructed to help with the healing. Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin recommend that you take a light walk as soon as you are able to in order to encourage proper blood flow. During the first few days in recovery, it is not uncommon for patients to experience some degree of swelling and soreness. Our surgeon will provide appropriate medication to increase your comfort level and reduce the risk of infection. You are advised to take it easy over the first few days, and sleep on your back for a couple of weeks. Many of Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin’s patients are able to resume light walk within 2 weeks after mastopexy. However, you should desist from strenuous activities and exercise for a minimum of 6 weeks. Make sure to attend all post-operative appointments and strictly adhere to the surgeon’s recovery instructions. Most patients are allowed to wear normal bras again after about 8 weeks.

Expected Cost of Breast Lift Surgery

The cost of breast lift surgery varies greatly depending on the extensiveness of the treatment, facility and medication fees, and the surgeon’s fees. On average, most of Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin’s mastopexy patients in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and nearby areas can expect to pay between $6,500 and $10,000 for this treatment. Breast lift is considered to be an elective cosmetic procedure. For this reason, health insurers do not pay for this procedure. During your initial mastopexy consultation at Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin’s office, the surgeon’s team will provide an initial cost estimate so you can make arrangements for financing.

Dr. Tessler’s Credentials

Oren Tessler, MD, is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the Phoenix area. Dr. Tessler is highly proficient in multiple plastic surgery techniques, including breast procedures, body contouring, and maxillofacial surgery. He was appointed as an assistant and associate professor of Plastic Surgery at Louisiana State University and Tulane University. Dr. Tessler has also served as Director of Plastic Surgery at University Medical Center, as well as contributed research and trained dozens of upcoming plastic surgeons. Dr. Tessler’s passion lies in restoring form and function while improving the quality of life of his breast lift patients. He brings a friendly and personalized approach to plastic surgery while working with highly qualified anesthesiologists and other support staff who strive to deliver the best breast lift Phoenix, AZ has to offer.

Average Cost

$6,500 – $10,000

Recovery Time

No strenuous activity for 6 weeks

Procedure Time

Same Day


Does not cover


Frequently Asked Questions

Breast Lift FAQ


Which is the best type of breast lift?

Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin have a number of surgical options at his disposal depending on the needs of the patient. The surgeon will put into consideration factors such as breast skin inelasticity, areolar size, general breast shape, glandular density, and degree of deflation to help determine the best surgical approach. Before the date of the surgery, the surgeon will take you through the treatment modalities and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Do you have a nonsurgical breast lift?

New technologies such as radiofrequency assisted lipectomy offer a lot of promise for nonsurgical mastopexy. However, these upcoming techniques are only able to correct mild sagging and drooping. Surgery, on the other hand, offers impeccable results regardless of the degree of your sagging. During your initial consultation with Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin, the surgeon will listen to your concerns and recommend the best possible way forward.

Will I have visible scarring?

Scarring is an inevitable consequence after surgery. The size and extent of scars – however – will depend on the surgical method(s) used. Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin utilize advanced surgical techniques to deliver the best possible outcome while minimizing the risk of scarring. The surgeon will make sure that incisions are minimal, and hidden along the areola edge skin’s natural folds. More so, the surgeon has an aggressive scar care program to make sure that scars fade with time. You may be asked to use silicone sheets or gel along the incision lines after full recovery.

How long will results last?

Having a breast lift is tantamount to resetting the clock of breast sagging. This procedure improves the appearance of drooping breasts to deliver a youthful, perkier, and more attractive contour. However, keep in mind that certain life events such as weight fluctuations and future pregnancies can negatively impact on your results. Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin recommend that you have a mastopexy after you are near your ideal weight, and have completed important milestones such as having children. Furthermore, you can maximize how long the results of this treatment last by maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and exercise regimen.

Will mastopexy affect my ability to breastfeed?

Plastic surgeons find that patients who are able to breastfeed before a mastopexy are able to do so after the procedure. During the surgery, the surgeon focuses on tightening excess skin and ligaments without the removal of breast tissue. This essentially means that glands, ducts, and other breast structures that are needed for breastfeeding will not be affected.