Air Mouse


Strap-on Mouse Catches Dragon’s Eyes

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. Build a better mouse and it’s the Dragon who come knocking. Thats what happened to Ottawa’s Mark Bajramovic, who took his high tech computer mouse to the popular CBC show.

Hot Metal. The Shiny and Beautiful

Why we want it: In retrospect HTC’s original ‘iPhone killing’ Android G1 looked like a calculator on steroids. Hence it failed. Hence HTC went back to the drawing board and came up with… this slice of geek heaven. Silky touchscreen, 5MP auto-focus camera, 3.5mm audio jack…

Red-Hot Growth Seen Moderating

BOTTAWA – First quarter gross domestic product growth is expected to hit close to six percent – the fatest quarterly output in 11 years – but then expansion will moderate through to 201 beacause of a stonger Canadian dollar and “markedly” weaker housing market.

Building a Better Mouse

Each week, the Financial Post revisits CBC’s previous week’s episode of Dragon’s Den. We capture what the cameras didn’t and in the process provide a case study for readers, zeroing in or what pitchers.

A Mouse in the Hand

Ottawa resident Mark Bajramovic, right, with his partner, Oren Tessler, show off the ergonomic computer mouse gloves that impressed a couple of Dragon’s Den judges enough that they invested $75,000.

Air Mouse es un mouse inalambrico disena do y probedo desde un punto de vista medico que optimi za la velocidad y pvecision al jugar ; de igual manera disminuye los sintomas de lesiones musculo-esqueleticas

Tessler NO Living

Dr. Oren Tessler grew up in Montreal, Quebec. After earning his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Montreal’s McGill University and working in a biochemistry lab for two years, he applied to McGill’s joint M.D./M.B.A. program.