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What is a Overnight Lift?

The significance of facial appearance cannot be overstated, particularly in our professional interactions, personal relationships, and in shaping our self-esteem. As we age, the neck’s soft tissues begin to sag, compromising the sharp contour of the neck and jawline that is often associated with youth. Notably, some individuals may never possess a well-defined jawline, even in their younger years, and might continuously seek ways to enhance this feature.

Traditionally, the primary solution for addressing these concerns has been a comprehensive neck lift procedure. This traditional approach requires general anesthesia, involves surgical incisions, and necessitates a lengthy recovery period.

Although modern neck lift techniques have improved, allowing for quicker recoveries and outpatient procedures, many people, particularly younger individuals or those with minor skin laxity, are reluctant to pursue such an invasive treatment. After all, using a drastic measure for a relatively minor issue seems excessive.

In recent years, chin liposuction has gained traction as a straightforward and effective method to eliminate the appearance of a double chin by removing excess fat beneath the jawline. However, it does not resolve excess skin or enhance the neck-jawline angle.

To overcome these limitations, Dr. Tessler has developed an innovative procedure known as the Overnight Lift. This groundbreaking technique tightens the skin, removes excess fat, and defines the jawline. Remarkably, it is performed in-office under local anesthesia, involves no surgical incisions, and requires only one day of recovery, making it a revolutionary option for those seeking significant improvements without the drawbacks of traditional surgery.

How does the Overnight Lift Work?

To achieve a youthful and attractive neck contour, the Overnight Lift targets three key layers of the neck: the platysma muscles (neck muscles), the subcutaneous fat layer, and the skin. Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin employ a minimally invasive approach to address each layer effectively:

Platysma Muscle (Layer 1):

The platysma muscle is treated using a permanent suture technique to suspend it like a sling and to address bands in the front of the neck. This treatment allows the superficial tissues to re-drape, resulting in a sharper neck contour.

Subcutaneous Fat (Layer 2):

Many individuals have a fat pad beneath the chin that contributes to the appearance of a “double chin,” which can be especially noticeable when looking down or taking selfies. The Overnight Lift employs a finesse liposuction technique to gently remove excess fat, leaving behind a natural contour. In cases of overall fullness, liposuction can also be used more broadly to define jaw contours.

Skin (Layer 3):

The skin layer is the most visible and often shows signs of aging, such as sagging and wrinkles. Customized treatment is essential for optimal results. Various modalities are utilized, including traditional methods like chemical peels to improve texture, as well as advanced skin tightening technologies such as Accutite or Morpheus8 that utilize radiofrequency for skin tightening. The latest technologies, such as micro-coring, are also considered. Each patient’s treatment is tailored to their specific goals and recovery capabilities, ensuring the best possible outcome.


Frequently Asked Questions

How and where is the Overnight Lift performed? Does it hurt?

Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin conduct the Overnight Lift procedure right here at our clinic, ensuring your comfort throughout. With oral sedation and local anesthesia, there’s no need for fasting or staying at a medical facility. You can enjoy a regular meal before the procedure and recover in the comfort of your own home.

Before the procedure begins, your surgeon will discuss the plan, mark areas, and address any final questions you may have. During the procedure itself, we prioritize your comfort, ensuring a smooth and pain-free experience. The local anesthesia ensures you won’t feel a thing while our surgeons work their magic. Our team will be by your side, checking in regularly to ensure your well-being.

Many patients express that the procedure feels incredibly quick, almost like it’s over in the blink of an eye. Plus, you have the added perk of choosing the music playing in the room during the procedure!

How do I know if I’m a good or poor candidate for the overnight lift?

Patients typically fall into two categories that see remarkable results with the Overnight Lift:

  1. Patients experiencing moderate signs of neck aging, such as loose skin, a loss of sharp neck contours, or neck bands.
  2. Individuals with naturally undefined neck and jawlines due to excess fat pads beneath the chin who are seeking more definition than what standard liposuction offers.

Even if a patient has significant loose skin or wrinkles, they can still benefit from the Overnight Lift. However, Dr. Tessler and Dr. Turin will assess whether a customized Deep Plane Facelift/Necklift might be a more suitable option for a comprehensive neck correction.

What is the recovery like after the Overnight Lift?

Our team will guide you through every aspect of your recovery, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience. You will begin your recovery on the same day in the comfort of your hotel room or home, wearing a head wrap and minimal dressings. You can remove the wrap and dressings for your first shower the following day. Subsequently, we recommend wearing the wrap continuously for the first week and only at night or at home for the rest of the first month.

Most patients whose work doesn’t involve strenuous activity can usually return to work within 1-2 days. Patients with significant platysmal bands that are addressed during the procedure may need to wear a soft neck collar for the first week only.

Bruising, swelling, and discomfort are typically minimal, with many patients reporting a recovery process that is much easier than anticipated

How much does the Overnight Lift cost, and how can I come in for a consult?

The cost of the Overnight Lift procedure begins at $14,750, offering exceptional value for suitable candidates. It presents an attractive option with the potential to achieve many benefits of a full neck lift without downtime, incisions, or general anesthesia, along with a significantly lower cost. To schedule a consultation, please contact our office for an appointment.

Dr Tessler is the epitome of professional care and true concern of his patients. He is a asset to his profession. Very upbeat and encouraging to his patient with modern and innovative ideas. I would recommend Dr Tessler and his practice to anyone looking for the best in plastic surgery

Dr. Turin is amazing! He is very knowledgeable in his work and always answered any questions I had throughout the whole process. I highly recommend to anyone who is wanting a procedure done. He will put you at ease and provide you with all the information you need to make decisions about a procedure easier. I can't thank him and his team enough.

Tessler Plastic Surgery is full of the most educated, kindest, most helpful group of people I have ever had the experience of working with. Every single time I step into the office they make me feel like I'm the most important person in the world.

My consultation was such a good experience. They were very clear about options, costs and results. I am excited to continue working with them!


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