Male Upper Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift) by Dr Sergey Turin


<p>This gentleman wanted to correct the hooding and 'tired' look his upper lids and drooping brows gave him, but still look totally natural and not "operated on". We performed an upper blepharoplasty to address the excess upper lid skin, tacked the tail of the brow in place to prevent future descent, and fat grafted the lower eyelid/cheek junction to improve his lower lid contour. </p> <p>The follow up photos were taken at 5 months after surgery, showing a lasting result. Can you see any incisions? </p> <p>For male facial surgery, finesse and moderation are key - as with the gentleman, it is important to retain a natural look. You can see that the upper lid is not sitting on his eyelashes anymore, the eyes look more open, and he overall looks brighter, but still totally like himself. </p>



Oren Tessler, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon
Sergey Turin, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon