Things to Avoid after your Breast Augmentation

Jun 7, 2021

Breast augmentation surgery is accomplished by either inserting artificial implants or transferring excess fat from other parts of the body to the breasts. Undergoing the surgery is one step, but the hardest part comes during the time of recovery. Of course, everyone expects a fast, smooth, and quick recovery process. But the things you do post-op can have a bearing on whether this will be the case or not. It is important that you strictly adhere to your surgeon’s instructions throughout the recovery duration. You should also avoid anything that can get in the way of your recovery. 

1. Do not sleep on your stomach, or sides

After your breast augmentation surgery, how you sleep matters a lot. When you sleep on your sides or on your stomach, there is a high risk of exerting unwanted pressure on the breasts, especially the new implants and/or incision sites. This could cause the implants to shift or slip to an inappropriate position causing several complications. Plastic surgeons recommend that you sleep on your back at least until you are fully recovered. This can be supported by placing pillows beneath your back to have an elevated posture. For easier adaptation, practice sleeping in this position a week earlier before your breast enlargement surgery.

2. Avoid any kind of smoking 

It is advisable to women who are planning to have a breast augmentation to quit smoking at least one month before the procedure. Your surgeon will also ask that you avoid smoking over a similar duration following your surgery. This is so because cigarettes contain nicotine which puts you at high risk for breast augmentation complications, and lengthens the normal duration of recovery.

3. Do not take any alcoholic drinks

It is important to stop all consumption of alcoholic products at least 2-3 weeks before and after breast enlargement (and any other type of surgery for that matter). Alcohol may cause serious complications which could otherwise be avoided. It thins the blood preventing it from effectively forming clots thereby increasing bruising and the time of healing.

4. Do not shower for a while

After your breast augmentation surgery, the wounds, incisions, and bandages are still very fresh. They need to be left to dry up and heal without interference. Showering would mean wetting the bandages which could cause complications to the wounds. Your plastic surgeon will advise you on the appropriate time to shower after careful consideration.

5. Do not take any anti-inflammatory drugs under any circumstances

Anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen should be cut off at least 3 weeks before and after surgery. These drugs thin the blood, therefore, preventing it from effectively forming clots to stop excessive bleeding. They may also cause a patient to suffer from a condition called a hematoma, where blood accumulates in the tissues manipulated during surgery.

6. Avoid any heavy weight lifting

Heavy weight lifting causes pressure to develop in the breasts. This might damage the implants placed or shift them from their initial position. Surgeons advise patients healing from breast augmentation surgery to avoid any kind of heavy weight lifting at least until they fully recover. This also includes not carrying your child.

7. Avoid strenuous exercising

Exercising is good because it keeps us fit and healthy. But strenuous exercising should be avoided at all costs during breast augmentation recovery. This causes unnecessary built-up pressure inside the breasts which might then cause complications. Recommended exercises include slight walking or slight jogging. Remember that this should be done when you have your surgical bra on.

8. Do not any use any medications unless what is prescribed by your doctor 

Complete and full recovery needs careful monitoring. While healing, do not take any medications unless the surgeon gives you a go-ahead to do so. In case you are experiencing a lot of pain, consult your surgeon on the best way to go about it. Don’t risk tampering with your healing process by taking anything not prescribed by your surgeon.

9. Do not swim

Swimming is a fun activity to engage in, but it is not recommended while healing. It could harm your body by exposing your wounds and incisions to infections. Surgeons recommend walking on the beach sand or enjoying your lemonade by the pool, without getting into the water.

10. Avoid touching your incisions

It is normal to want to feel the results of your surgery. But by doing so, you might be introducing some bacteria or other unwanted materials to the incisions which are still very fresh. Whenever you want to change any dressing, or feel your new breasts, always do so with clean, washed hands. Also, avoid squeezing your breasts at all times, and just let the implants naturally adapt.


Healing after a breast augmentation surgery takes quite some determination and restraint. You’ll have to revise your list of routine activities but this is all worth it once you have recovered and attained the desired outcome of your treatment.