How to Recover Fast After Breast Enlargement Surgery

Jun 5, 2021

Breast augmentation procedures involve the use of synthetic implants or fat transfer to achieve a woman’s desired breast size and volume. The healing duration varies from one individual to another because each person is special in the way they handle pain and respond to medication. Recovery is also dependent on the breast augmentation method used, the size and type of the implant, and the location of the implant. This article offers essential tips that will help speed up your recovery process. These tips work for every patient when keenly observed and practiced.

Follow your surgeon’s instructions 

Before you are discharged from the plastic surgery clinic, your surgeon will provide thorough instructions that must be followed to make sure that everything turns out well after the procedure. Keep in mind that your breast surgeon has a lot of experience from past surgeries and knows exactly what is needed to achieve a speedy and desirable outcome after surgery.

Wear your surgical bra

Post-surgery, breast enlargement patients are expected to wear recovery bras that are specifically designed to provide comfort to the breasts and help with healing. These special garments provide implant stability, facilitate proper blood circulation for proper lymph drainage, and apply mild compression. They come in several styles and fabrics so you can choose one that suits your preferences. Before buying any recovery bra, it is important to make sure that it has all the features recommended by the surgeon. It should be seamlessly designed, made from a breathable fabric, have adjustable straps, and should fit freely without exerting any pressure. 

Get abundant rest and sleep

Abundant rest and sleep is needed to reduce the tension in your muscles, keep you healthy, allow your brain to be reinstated, and replenish worn out tissues. Surgeons advise patients to get enough sleep and rest as a way to speed up their recovery. This is why it is important that you take at least a few weeks off work so you can focus on your breast augmentation recovery. 

Take your prescribed medication

Post-surgery, breast enlargement patients experience pain and slight bleeding in the areas operated on. This is normal for the first few weeks while recovering. The surgeon will give some medications such as painkillers and antibiotics to help alleviate the pain and prevent infections. Failure to take your prescribed medicines could result in complications which would necessitate further medical attention.

Routinely massage your breasts

Different surgeons have varying views regarding routine breast massage. Some prefer that the massage be done on the whole breast, others prefer it at the operated areas, while others are totally against it. The best way to go about this is by following your surgeon’s precise advice. 

Arrange your home before surgery

Arranging your house before surgery reduces the workload that would need to be done after surgery. This includes carefully organizing all the clothes you would wear, the food you would want to eat, your pet’s food if you have one, and any other thing that could be done before going into surgery. The first few weeks after surgery would be really uncomfortable as your body works to adapt and get back up from the surgery. It is for this very reason that most surgeons ask that you have someone to help out with basic chores over the first few days after surgery.

Eat light and healthy Meals

Post-surgery, you are likely to experience weakness and pain in the areas operated on, as well as general body exhaustion, loss of appetite, and nausea. It would really be hectic to consume heavy meals especially during the first two weeks of recovery. This is why most surgeons advise that you stock up with ingredients for light, healthy meals well before the surgery. You’ll need to focus on a balanced diet as well as stay hydrated throughout the recovery duration. 

Refrain from engaging in physical Activities

Physical activities such as running, jumping, and heavy weight lifting are strictly prohibited during breast augmentation recovery. Engaging in any strenuous activity before full recovery might open up wounds or cause serious complications. To be on the safe side, keep yourself away from any kind of physical activity that might exert pressure on your breasts until you fully recover.

Adjust your sleeping position

To avoid causing any harm to your breasts before full recovery, your plastic surgeon will advise that you sleep on your back. This is effectively done when you prop pillows beneath you to support your back. This sleeping position makes it easy to get in and out of bed without exerting any unnecessary pressure on the breasts. Surgeons advise against any attempts to sleep on your sides or on your belly over the first 6 weeks post-surgery. 

Wear loose clothing

Loose clothing is very comfortable and relaxing. Unlike tight clothing, it allows free air circulation and doesn’t easily stick on the wounds. This is why surgeons advise patients to shop for clothes that are at least twice their size while preparing for breast augmentation surgery. Such clothes are easy to put on and remove without interfering with the breast wounds and bandages. 

Attend all post-surgery appointments

Post-surgery appointments are meant to help the surgeon monitor your healing progress. They enable the surgeon to identify and correct any complication that might have occurred before it accelerates to nasty situation. Even if you are feeling well enough and fully recovered after your breast augmentation surgery, you should still make a point to attend all follow-up visits. 


Breast augmentation procedure is a complicated surgery that needs to be seriously monitored. For a faster, smooth, and full recovery, follow the above tips and be patient with your body so you can enjoy the desired results.