NF1 (Neurofibromatosis Type 1)


NF1 (Neurofibromatosis Type 1) Phoenix AZ

Most patients with NF1 (neurofibromatosis type 1) develop some number of neurofibromas – there can be just a few or hundreds, and they can be on the surface of the skin or deep inside – everyone has their own unique presentation. These tumors, while technically benign, can still cause issues such as discomfort or an unsightly appearance.

If they are not causing any problems to the patient, these neurofibromas are often left alone, but many patients dislike their appearance and often consult a surgeon at some point to discuss removing some of the most bothersome tumors. Dr. Turin and Dr. Tessler both have extensive expertise in nerve surgery, dealing with nerve repairs, TMR, nerve grafts and migraine surgery. They often counsel patients on their surgical options, which can include excision or electrodessication.

Larger masses or neurofibromas that are deep or around a major nerve will usually need to be excised formally to remove the mass and sometimes even some of the overlying skin. However, many patients present not with a few large ones, but hundreds of small tumors on their skin. Obviously, excising hundreds of these masses is impractical, but there is a solution!

Electrodessication can be used to treat hundreds of these small tumors in one session by using electrocautery to apply a precise amount of energy to destroy the neurofibroma while sparing the surrounding skin. The tumor becomes a scab and then falls off in a few days as the new skin heals underneath it. Dr. Turin and Dr. Tessler perform this treatment under general anesthesia to guarantee patient comfort and maximize the number of lesions that can be treated in the same session. However, there are no incisions, no sutures, and no drains to worry about! The technique involves the small electrocautery device which is standard in surgical procedures, but this time applied precisely to target the neurofibromas most bothersome to the patient. Dr. Turin and Dr. Tessler can treat hundreds of neurofibromas in a single session in the manner, as well as addressing some larger lesions as needed.

Patients in the Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ areas as well as patients flying in from out of town are able to undergo this treatment as an outpatient procedure which requires minimal downtime. Some insurance plans may be able to cover the cost of this treatment, but each patient’s circumstances are unique, so please give our office a call to set up a consultation about what type of treatment would be right for you!