Upper Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift) by Dr. Sergey Turin


<p>"My eyes always look tired, but I'm getting lots of sleep!" or "People think I look unhappy or concerned, but I'm in a great mood!"<br /> We are happiest when our outward appearance matches how we're feeling inside, and it's very frustarting when others misjudge our mood or attitudes because of how we look - these are some of the things we discussed with this patient who came to us for facial rejuvenation.</p> <p>The extra skin of her upper lids caused her to appear tired and unhappy, even though she has a very cheeful personality.<br /> You can see the strain in her eyebrows as she's using her forehead muscles in an attempt to pull those upper lids higher and open her eyes.<br /> Using Botox to relax the forehead would be a huge mistake as it would drop the brow and close her eyes even more!</p> <p>The solution here is to address the primary cause, which is mostly just excess upper lid skin. We did a simple<br /> skin excision upper blepharoplasty in clinic under local anesthesia, but notice what a massive change that made - her eyes<br /> are more open, the brow/forehead strain is relaxed, and most importantly - her upper face no longer projects tiredness<br /> or stress and her personality can finally come through.</p> <p>The after photo was taken at ~3 months post-op, so the scars are still slightly visible, but they will soften and fade with time.<br /> When the incisions are designed correctly, the scars usually heal so well that they're essentially hidden to the naked eye even<br /> when you're looking for them.</p>



Oren Tessler, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon
Sergey Turin, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon