Tucked away in the Bespoke Inn located in Old Town Scottsdale, the Pizzeria Virtu offers a refined and intimate dining experience with lots of Mediterranean-inspired flavors.


Scottsdale Office


3701 N Marshall Way,
Scottsdale, AZ 85251,
(480) 946-3477


Gio Osso, a certified Pizzaiolo at Pizzeria Virtu, brings the best of the Southwest and Naples (Italy) to Scottsdale. This fine restaurant offers Neapolitan pies that are crafted using Arizona and California-sourced ingredients. Thanks to the world-class menu here, this Pizzeria Virtu has appeared in Esquire Magazine’s yearly list of Best New Restaurants in America. You can try the tender cooked grilled octopus that is served with arugula, fennel, calabrese chile butter, and lemon chickpeas. The hand-crafted cocktail menu is also a must-do with Italian-inspired combinations. Since seats in this tiny restaurant are in high demand, it may be a good idea to make your reservation early on.