Recovery Tips After Plastic Surgery

Jan 29, 2022

If you are planning to have a plastic surgery procedure, it is important that you research the entire process and consider the entire experience. Recovery is going to be one of the most important phases once you’ve had your procedure. You need to make sure that you have ample time off work to focus on yourself and getting back up. While the recovery path will vary from one procedure to the other, here are some generalized tips that can help you get back up quickly after your cosmetic surgery.

Get enough rest

Surgery – regardless the type – is traumatic in nature. Your body will be run down and thus will need as much time as possible to recovery and regain its strength. Plastic surgeons recommend that you get as much rest especially within the first few days after your operation. However, make sure to take light walks around the house as soon as you are able to in order to promote proper circulation. Avoid bending or engaging in any form of heavy lifting or strenuous activities until you have the green light from your surgeon. Work activities should be postponed until after you are feeling better. This is simply not the time to juggle between replying to email and looking after yourself.

Focus on a healthy diet

Needless to say, your body needs access to all the right nutrients so it can recover and get back up after the surgery. So, make sure you work with your plastic surgeon or a qualified nutritionist to enhance your diet. To start with, focus on a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, fibers, and whole grains. Lean meat such as chicken and fish should be good to take care of your protein needs. While at it, make sure to drink enough water so you can rid your body of toxins while at the same time promoting optimal function.

Quit smoking

Your plastic surgeon will ask that you quit smoking about four weeks before and after your plastic surgery. This is important because tobacco can increase the risk of bleeding and result in surgical complications. During the recovery phase, cigarette smoking can impair healing and negatively impact the outcome of your cosmetic surgery. Most plastic surgeons also ask that you quit drinking before and after your cosmetic surgery.

Follow your surgeon’s instructions

Once you are discharged from the hospital or your plastic surgeon’s in-office operating room, you’ll be provided with strict instructions that you should adhere to in order to ensure a proper recovery. Among other things, you’ll be asked to avoid staining your body and treatment areas, take care of your incisions, and get enough rest. Your surgeon knows what is best for your body and adhering to these instructions can go a long way to ensure that you get back up as soon as possible.

Attend post-op visits

Post-operative visits are easy to ignore especially if you are already feeling great. But they are important because they help your plastic surgeon to assess your progress. Keep in mind that even if you think you are fully recovered, the slightest miscalculations can result in severe complications or side effects. So make sure to visit your plastic surgeon as often as you have been asked to.

Take it easy

It is easy to be anxious and stress over the outcome of your plastic surgery. However, any emotional distress during this time can negatively impact healing and ruin the results of your cosmetic procedure. Make sure that you take it easy and give your body enough time to recover and for the results to settle down. If you are worried about your results, having a close friend or relative you can talk to can help. Obsessive negative thoughts, when present, may need to be addressed by a mental health professional.


How well you prepare and plan for recovery can go a long way to determine the outcome of your plastic surgery. Make sure that you give as much attention to this part of your plastic surgery experience as you give to the preoperative stage.